Please send us some Konkani jokes and we will gladly publish them here.

Some of favorite Konkani Tips : 

* If you are a true Konkani you will have at least 10-20 names ending with maam and maayi on your mobile.

* The world can sing a song, but we can eat a song. Batata Song

* The amount of luggage that we carry to our gaanv always doubles when we come back.

* We don't have family trees; we have family Forests (everyone is related to other in way or the other).

* For the world DDT is a pesticide, for us it is Daat Dali Toi.

* A Konkani tea stall in China would be named as Phunkun Phukun Pee.

* We don't need any MBBS degree, just fall ill and the entire family will start acting like qualified doctors.

* During community gathering we speak more Konkani than we speak at home.

* In weddings the Pacchis and Maayis are less concerned about the wedding couple and more about hooking up young and prospective guys and girls present there.

* In Devasthan javan no matter how full your stomach is, there is always a place reserved for Godse or Doodhpak.

* If the dish neither contains grated coconut nor seasonings of ghee or coconut oil, then it is definitely not a Konkani dish.

* We buy 200 Bibbos and make Bibbe Upkari of 150 Bibbos. 50 we eat while peeling.

* One Konkani Pachi or Maayi is equivalent to entire Google.

* Ambulee, Chakkulee, Surnalee are not the name of Chinese men.

* Upaas is the only day when we eat more than any normal day.

A Manglorean Opened A Chinese Restaurant In Mapusa & Called It "HANGA YOH"
Opposite It, A Goan Opened A New Thai Restaurant & Called It 

Next Bhajan

Sharada and Sadanand Pai are hosting the September Bhajan at their residence. Thank you to the Pai's for helping us preserve the HAAS Bhajan tradition.



Saturday, September 9th, 2017

3:00pm to 5:00pm



Pai Residence:

20706 Bristol Meadow Lane

Cypress, TX 77433


Please RSVP by September 3rd, 2017 at



If you would like to host bhajans on any of the months listed as OPEN in the 2017 calendar, please contact HAAS committee secretary, Archana Rao at

Upcoming Events

Diwali Gala 2017


When & Where: 

Saturday, October 14th, 2017 from

6 PM - 11 PM at the Richard and Meg Weekley Community Center


Please check Evite for details.


To pay event fees click on: Diwali Gala Event Fees


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