HAAS Committee 2023 - 2024

Management Committee


Madhav Ubhayakar - President 


Dr. Ramakrishna Prabhu - Vice President (and Stage Coordinator)


Keerti Shenoy - Secretary 


Prabha Malya - Food Coordinator


Ram Nayak - Treasurer (and Bhajan Coordinator)


Sachin Bellare - Entertainment Coordinator 





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Next Bhajan

APRIL 2024 HAAS Bhajan

Host -  Poornima & Vasanth  Bhat

Date - Sun, April 14, 3-5 pm


Bhajan attendance requires HAAS membership. Please pay your Y2024 HAAS membership dues as only piad members get Evite.


Additional details of the upcoming Bhajan are provided in the Evite invitation.  Please check your email.for the Evite 


Any questions, contact Ram Nayak at 713 838 5453 or by email to ourhaas@gmail.com.

Upcoming Events:  

Sri Satyanarayan Puja, Saturday, Mar 23, 2024


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