HAAS Committee 2021 - 2022

Management Committee


Madhav Ubhayakar - President 


Dr. Ramakrishna Prabhu - Vice President (and Stage Coordinator)


Raghavendra Shenoy - Audio Coordinator

Keerti Raghavendra Shenoy - Secretary 


Prabha Malya - Food Coordinator


Ram Nayak - Treasurer (and Bhajan Coordinator)


Sachin Bellare - Entertainment Coordinator 





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Next Bhajan

February 2023  Bhajan 


When: February !9 (Sunday)

            from 3 pm to 5 pm


Bhajan attendance requires HAAS membership. Please pay your 2023 HAAS membership dues.


Additional details of the upcoming Bhajan will be provided by Evite soon.  Please check your email ,  For questions contact Ram Nayak at 713 838 5453 or by email to ourhaas@gmail.com.

Upcoming Event

Sri Satyanarayan Puja , March 25 2023 

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