Volunteering Opportunity

HAAS provides an opportunity to high school students to earn Volunteer Hours by providing community service.  HAAS expectations from the volunteering students are:

1 The acts of community service must be supervised by a HAAS board member NOT directly
related to the high school student recording the hours of community service.
2 The hours must be performed by the student listed on the community service log and cannot
be performed by another family member or friend on the student’s behalf.
3 Acts of service performed by the student should be beneficial either to the HAAS community
or the community at large (such as HAAS participating in a soup kitchen activity or sandwich
seva or such).
4 Reporting incorrect hours is a violation of the HAAS organization principles and may lead to
termination of the student volunteer and the HAAS committee member involved..
5 The minimum age of a student to participate in HAAS high school community service is 14
years. Additionally, the student must have up-to-date membership registration with the HAAS
6 The log of hours of service must be filled out at the time of the community service event or
within 48 hours of the event. Logging hours retroactively after 48 hours is not permitted.

Examples of acceptable HAAS high school community service:
a) Setting up decorations, food stations, sound systems, chairs and tables at HAAS
community events.
b) Taking down decorations, clearing food stations, putting away the sound systems, or stacking up chairs and tables at HAAS community events.
c) Participating in a dance, play, any other entertainment activity, or acting as an MC at a HAAS event.
d) Serving food at any HAAS event, helping at welcome desk of a HAAS event.
e) Participation in HAAS board meetings if the student is elected as the HAAS youth liaison.
f) Providing rides for elderly HAAS members or assisting with carrying of equipment,
decorations, or food to HAAS events provided that the student is appropriately licensed to drive and has an acceptable driver's insurance coverage to meet all applicable legal requirements.

Examples of acts not qualified for volunteer hours:
a) Mere attendance at HAAS events without providing any qualified services.
b) Recording hours of service at social/community events not organized/approved by HAAS.
c) Hours recorded for individual or group rehearsal do not count as service hours unless
supervised by a HAAS committee member.
d) Asking family members or friends to perform HAAS event set-up or take down tasks on
behalf of the student.
e) Monetary donations by the family of the student to any charity can not be converted into
hours of HAAS community service.
f) Any activities performed by the high school student purely with the expectation of being
awarded recognition by the HAAS organization belies the spirit of the HAAS high school
community service program.



Next Bhajan

APRIL 2024 HAAS Bhajan

Host -  Poornima & Vasanth  Bhat

Date - Sun, April 14, 3-5 pm


Bhajan attendance requires HAAS membership. Please pay your Y2024 HAAS membership dues as only piad members get Evite.


Additional details of the upcoming Bhajan are provided in the Evite invitation.  Please check your email.for the Evite 


Any questions, contact Ram Nayak at 713 838 5453 or by email to ourhaas@gmail.com.

Upcoming Events:  

Sri Satyanarayan Puja, Saturday, Mar 23, 2024


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