Please see the below HAAS Janmashtami 2012 wrap up note.  Thanks to Anisha Kelkar for drafting this lovely write up:

The HAAS Janmashtami event held on 12th August was a great success! We had a very good response, and it was nice to see all of you! There was a record number of more than 90 people, including children.  This event was filled with a variety of programs such as bhajans, kids’ performances, Dahi Hundi, and dandiya.

This year the Janmashtami event was unique since it was almost completely planned and organized by the children and youth.  Nishant Kelkar and Pranav Rao were in charge of the function and Emceed the event.   Anisha Kelkar, with some help from Sheila Prabhu had a full list of adult and children’s programs planned, which kept everyone entertained for almost one whole hour.  The kids programs were sandwiched between 2 scintillating performances by the adults.

The event started off with the invocation to Lord Krishna by Maya Prabhu.  Then Subhiksha Shenoy performed a wonderful dance. Subhiksha's graceful performance was truly enthralling.  Following that were the kids programs. There were lovely dances by Mahamaya, Sneha and Reim. There was cute song cum dance by Sayali, Natanya and Chaitra who played the Gopikas with Rivan playing the part of Lord Krishna.  This was very aptly choreographed by Anisha. Then there were bhajans by the children. There was again Mahamaya, then Sneha and Chaitra, and also Gaurav, Varun and Rohan with his sister Neha accompanying him on the Harmonium.   All these programs were very beautiful and this shows the breadth and depth of the talent of our HAAS youngsters!!

After the kids programs, it was time for the bhajans.  Ashwin Bhat, Ramkrishna Prabhu and Suresh Pai along with Maya Prabhu and Kusum Pai sang beautiful rocking bhajans by Art of Living. They were accompanied by Umesh Baliga on keyboards.  It was great to hear them sing these very entertaining 'rocking ' bhajans !

Now it was time for the traditional Dahi Hundi which all the kids were looking forward to! The kids enjoyed stealing the Dahi & cheese from the pot, and also eating it, all the while accompanied by a 'Govinda Ala Re' chant sung by Gaurav Nayak.

Lastly the Aarti was performed, followed by the serving of the Prasad, made by Jyoti Nayalkar.

By then everyone was hungry, and it was time for lunch. The mouthwatering menu was catered by Satish Rao, who also very generously sponsored the lunch.  There was rice and Dal with Chana and Kadgi Ghashi and Pineapple Gojju. There was also delicious Pineapple Sheera. Jyoti Pachi had got a lot of home made Dahi and Dahi Bhat which was amazingly mouthwatering.

The last event after lunch was the Dandiya. This year, the adults and children had a real blast with the Dandiya Raas as they danced away to the dandiya music for more than an hour!!  The credit goes to the energetic youngsters and the young at heart and also the kids.   All of this fun having been made possible by the sensational music compiled and played by our talented HAAS DJ Gurudutt Kamath.

This finally brought the Janmashtami celebration to an end. It was so enjoyable, that it will not be forgotten for a while at least !

The HAAS Committee thanks all the people involved in making this event a success. A special thanks to Sujata Mcfadden for her generous donation. Thanks also to all the participants and their parents for encouraging them to take part. It is great to see such enthusiasm and joy when so many members take part!  Thanks also to all the volunteers who helped set up, clean up, serve food and manage the sound system. It was wonderful to have you all to help out.

The next HAAS event will be the Diwali celebration, on Saturday, 17th of November.  The 'save the date' email will be sent soon so watch this space.

Here is the financials summary for Janmashtami event on 12 August 2012.

Event fees $ 884 (Adult= 77 x $10ea + Kid= 15 x $7ea)
Donation $ 100
Total Revenue $ 984
Hall Rental $ 252.00
Other misc $ 123.13
Total Expenses $ 373.13
Net (for event) $ 610.87
Membership collections at the event $ 45.00

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